Pet insurance compared

Should I insure my pet?

In the event that your pet develops a serious illness, or becomes involved in an unexpected road traffic accident at some time in the future, you want to be able to afford the best treatment possible. At times like these you do not want to have to take financial costs into consideration and we strongly advise you to put pet insurance in place to enable you to protect your companion and give you complete peace of mind.

It's stating the obvious but, if you wish to take out pet insurance, do it well before you might need it.

Which insurance policy should I choose? The choice of policies is wide and confusing.

A comparison website run by a UK vet, provides free, unbiased advice with lots of helpful information that compares pet insurance companies and their policies and will help you decide which is the best one for you, your pet and which one is the best for your requirements.

Increasing sophistication in veterinary diagnostics, surgery and pharmaceuticals allows vets to provide ever greater care for companion animals and do far more for your pet today than was ever possible in the past. Pet insurance can help you to take advantage of the most advanced veterinary treatments available to give your best friend a long and healthy life. The latest diagnostic tests and sophisticated medical treatments and surgery available for pets today can be expensive. Routine preventatitive healthcare is all catered for on our Pet Health Plan

Insurance companies vary in the type of cover that they provide and we would advise that you compare the different options offered and read the small print very carefully. The type of insurance cover offered can affect long-term claims. There are many insurance policies available though different companies and we have found that these can vary considerably

We advise that you consider the following when choosing Pet Insurance:

  • Insurance cover may be for the full life of your pet and there may be an annual maximum amount.
  • Insurance cover may be to the maximum specified value available for the lifespan of your pet.
  • Insurance cover may only last for a year, after which an exclusion clause may be imposed.
  • Check that veterinary cover is adequate for your needs.
  • The size and terms of the excess.
  • Whether there are any ‘fringe benefits’ such as money back vouchers for vaccination.
  • Discounts for having several pets and for OAPs.

We have several insurance company leaflets available and our staff will be pleased to help you by discussing your requirements.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and our Practice endorse the concept of pet insurance and we recommend it to our clients.

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